Students in Provo

Whether this is your first semester in Provo or you're a returning student, Provo has lots of information to share with you. The Universities play a key role in our community. Although students come from all over, while you’re here, you are part of our community.

As residents of Provo, we hope you take advantage of all the wonderful amenities our community has to offer. There are parks, natural areas, miles of shared-use trails, facilities, shopping areas, dining opportunities, and more.

We hope this website will provide you with some useful information as you get acquainted with your new home.

There are some important and useful things on this site about living in Provo. Look at the links on the left to find out more information about each section.

To the right, you'll find links to events in Provo, employment opportunities at the city, and links to the Mayor's blog.